Anirudh Tiwathia

Rare, Center for Behavior & the Environment
Director, Behavioral Science
New York

Anirudh works on the design and evaluation of behavioral interventions to encourage climate action. He also focuses on the use of mass-media and entertainment to influence climate-relevant beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. He holds an MBA and a PhD from the Booth School of Business; an MA in Public Policy, an MA in Social Science, and a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Chicago; and a BA in Cognitive Science and Computer Science from Vassar College.

Prior to joining the BE Center, Anirudh’s research focused on the “psychological foundations of liberal democracy” – applying behavioral science to problems in political science and public policy, such as: political polarization, perceptions of corruption; perceptions of legitimacy; and voluntary compliance with the law. He also worked as a business consultant for tech start-ups and in intergovernmental organizations like UNDP and UNICEF. He’s particularly excited about the use of machine learning and open datasets to support behavioral interventions.

Anirudh is currently obsessed with encouraging people to switch to renewable energy for their homes…. And, raising awareness about the potential benefits of sortition!