Information helps us identify, learn about, and improve upon our behavior. It can provide a foundation of knowledge that helps us take action.

Principles & Strategies

Provide instructions and guidance

  • Offer training on the desired behavior
  • Provide materials that give instructions on how to do the desired behavior

Build awareness and understanding

  • Provide informational forums, meetings, or materials that describe the desired behavior and its importance
  • Communicate information about the desired behavior in a clear, concrete, and unambiguous way
  • Give feedback on performing the desired behavior


Information is not always a prerequisite for people to do a behavior. While it may seem like a necessary part of any solution, there are behavioral interventions that work without people knowing what a behavior is or why it is important. In other cases information may be necessary but not sufficient for motivating a behavior.

Map of Gata Fish Sanctuary
Community members post billboards with information about marine reserves and fishing guidelines.