Vanessa Chumbley

Rare, Center for Behavior & the Environment
Project Manager
Silver Spring, MD

Vanessa is the Project Manager for the BE.Center. She holds a Sustainable Innovation MBA from the University of Vermont as well as BFA in Violin Performance with a minor in Psychology from Appalachian State University. Prior to getting her MBA and joining Rare, Vanessa spent a decade working as a stage manager for performing arts organizations across the country, including The Juilliard School, Santa Fe Opera, and Houston Ballet. Vanessa believes working with Rare is the perfect way to integrate her project management skills and passion for storytelling, the environment, and behavioral and social sciences.

Vanessa is conscious of reducing waste and encourages her friends and family to use reusable water bottles, recycle, and compost. She is also usually raving about a film or TV show and trying to convince someone to watch it.