Campaigning for Conservation

Behavior-Centered Design 1-Day Challenge

Campaigning for Conservation (C4C) is a 10-day hands-on training for full-time, field-based outreach staff designed to build their constituencies’ understanding of and support for conservation and behavior change.

About the training

Using best-in-class training exercises, participants learn to develop and implement a social marketing campaign designed to address the social and environmental challenges facing their communities. The training equips participants with a global theory of behavior change, social marketing tactics, quantitative and qualitative research techniques, and effective campaign design for local challenges.



Strategic campaign planning support


Participatory classroom-based learning (3 days)


Community field research practicum (2 days)


Creation of campaign materials (5 days)


Electronic toolkit development


Interaction with a network of change agents


Office hours support


Participants plan and run their campaigns

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Campaigning for Conservation
Sample Training Schedule

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Day 1
Foundations of social marketing


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Day 2
Effective survey creation


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Day 3
Research techniques


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Day 4
Campaign messaging & design


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Day 5
Children’s outreach


Day 6
Children’s outreach


Day 7
Youth outreach


Day 8
Adult outreach

Campaigning for Conservation 10-Day Training

Day 9
Adult outreach

Campaigning for Conservation 10-Day Training 7

Day 10

Man and woman painting a sign